Welcome to The Men’s Jewelry Design Venue! – Let’s Explore!

Hello Fellow Jewelry Aficionados and Welcome to The Men’s Jewelry Design Venue!  Here at the Venue, I hope to offer each visitor the opportunity to explore the extraordinary world of unique jewelry for men!

About Clarence

As child during the 1970s, I was always captivated by the ornate and exquisite jewelry worn by my beautiful mother and her friends at Tupperware parties and other events of the like.  I remember the many sparkles and dull radiance of the jewelry they proudly and elegantly showcased.  And I have had an affinity towards jewelry ever since!

Profoundly, though my taste in jewelry may seem gaudy to most, I have developed an appreciation for the many intricate styles, kinds, and types of jewelry and jewelry designs.  From jewelry making to marketing to purchasing, I’m both fascinated with and interested in all facets of the jewelry industry.

Nevertheless, throughout the years it seems there are a myriad of fashion accessories and jewelry available for women as compared to men.  As I browse online, shop the stores, visit the local garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores and endlessly read about the most wonderful necklaces, pendants, bracelets, cuff links, tie clips and rings available, I find a definite disparage between the abundance and variety of unique jewelry and jewelry designs offered women as opposed to men.  Is this really so?

Generally speaking, I believe it would be honest to note that most men probably know little to nothing about jewelry.  However, the recent evolution of the ‘metro-sexual man’ has indeed brought jewelry again to the forefront of men’s fashion.  More men are wearing unique and extraordinary jewelry more than ever before.

So the only true way to know what unique men’s jewelry is out there and available is to look beyond the traditional jewelry designs associated with men.  From hip hop jewelry to the many exotic handmade jewelry designs, I believe that there is a piece of jewelry for every man that fits only his unique and personal lifestyle!

My Goal

I, along with The Men’s Jewelry Design Venue, am primarily focused on providing a resourceful information-based platform for those who Do! or Desire! to Make!, Market! or Purchase! unique men’s jewelry.  With this knowledge,  I know that We!! can unveil and expose the limitless variety of exquisite and extraordinary jewelry truly available for men.

Let’s Explore!

So if you ever need a hand or have any questions considering any aspect of men’s jewelry or jewelry design, Please Comment.  And We! will be more than happy to help you out or lead you in the right direction.

Jewelry Yours,






4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Men’s Jewelry Design Venue! – Let’s Explore!”

  1. I could use some direction for a young friend of mine — wonderful kid but sick with a chronic illness and a history of abuse from other kids — I use affirmation jewelry a lot but I don’t know how to select something appropriate for a teenage male. He likes and wears and finds strength in what I have already sent him but I would like something better.

    1. May I first ask what is he into, or what are his interests, hobbies, favorite activities or groups? Knowing this information will better help me help you on finding the right affirmation jewelry for him. He sounds like an awesome and amazing kid!

  2. Looks good. Can’t wait to see where it all goes from here. You have a great presentation attitude. hitting on the finer details of from the clients perspective!

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