A Unique Culturally Symbolic Motif: Celtic Jewelry for Men

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  1. First I am really thrilled with what I have read here, because I have often thought the Egyptians were those who only had jewelries and all, but I can clearly see what ignorance have made of me. The celts are really nice and although I have read a bit about them during the English historical events but never have I seen a part that talked about their jewelries. Also, I would love to see more about the bronze age, I feel there is a lot to be learned .

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I had no idea about jewelry for men.Because I’ve never used jewelry and I don’t know what it will look like because I knew how much it should be.But I had no idea about Celtic jewelry for men.Celtic jewelry is beautiful to look at and I like to use these jewelry.I will collect these jewelry and use it I will share my experiences with you.

  3. First of all thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us. Your article is really informative and I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article which is very helpful to me .I’ve always been very interested in knowing all about Celtic jewelry for men .Celtic jewelry is highly decorated and aesthetically decorated in ancient Celtic symbols .Celtic Cross is the most recognized Celtic design. Even if I am not a Christian, I still have respect for all religions. And from that I know about the Celtic cross actually predicting Christianity .Your article about Celtic jewelry describes a wonderful history that really fascinated me. And I really benefit from knowing a lot of information and for that you certainly deserve praise.

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  4. I’m a fan of Celtic necklaces and have been since I was young, I even gave my brother one for his birthday a few years ago. I’m not religious or Irish but I am into fashionable jewelry. I started wearing them more in my 20s but after I started listening to a lot of gothic music like Black Sabbath I noticed that a lot of these bands have the celtic cross in a lot of their clothing designs. Just out of curiosity is Celtic pronounced “seltic” or “keltic”?

    1. Thank you Son for your thoughtful and personal l comment.  I really appreciate your input fellow fashion jewelry aficionado!  I also like to wear celtic jewelry.  Preferably in sets like similar necklace, bracelet and ring combos. I tend to never mix jewelry types.  For instance if i wear gothic jewelry on a particular day, I only wear gothic jewelry.  If I wear celtic jewelry, I only wear celtic jewelry, etc.  You should take a look at my article on Gothic Jewelry on my website: themensjewelrydesignvenue,com.   And fyi celtic is pronounced “keltic”. Feel free to comment any time.



  5. Thanx, to give us a fantastic article.I really enjoy your article. It’s helpful for man’s style. Celtic Jewelry is stylish and demandable jewelry.I love it.it was thousands of years ago but till now people like it. Celtic Jewelry is a charming jewelry fashion and jewelry design.I want to buy jewelry for me.I think its fashionable for me.i really appreciate for it.
    This has seemed to be good.
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  6. I’ll like to commend you first on your website outlook and the fact that it can be easily navigated. I also enjoyed reading through your article. Its content was highly informative and enlightening about men’s jewelry since time immemorial, with the way you were able to provide the history from stone age till date. Thanks so much 

  7. Thank you for the exceptional post. I like Celtic jewelry. But I didn’t know its history. I read your post and found out a lot of information.Does the Celtic jewelry fit with the fashion of modern men?I will post this post with my friends. I hope others enjoy this post.

    1. Thank you alam jahangir, 

      Your comment is greatly appreciated and plan to edit and answer your question on how does celtic jewelry fit with the fashion of modern men? Great insight!   I also plan to add a video to my post that might provide some additional answers to that question.  A Unique Culturally Symbolic Motif: Celtic Jewelry for Men



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